Anatomy of a Battlefront Panzer Grenadier

Front View

Back View

This is a close view of one of my Battlefront Panzer Grenadiers showing its more important details. In my experience Battlefront manages to keep a fairly consistent quality in all its figures which is something quite good in fact.In the pictures you can easily distinguish the following features:
  • Helmet, the model introduced in 1935 with the characteristic skirt first introduced in the 1916 model
  • Mauser Kar 89k, a 7.92mm bolt action rifle widely issued to infantry all through the war
  • Ammo Pouches, made from leather, usually black, and showing three pockets to hold 89k cartridges
  • Field Bottle, to carry water, with a small cup attached on top
  • Mess Tin, a cooking pot made of two separate metal pieces
  • Gas Mask Canister, carrying the gas mask itself, the gas cape, spare lenses and other related items
  • Shelter Quarter, a triangular piece of cloth to be used as a sleeping tent
  • Bread Bag, used to carry rations, eating utensils and other personal items
  • Entrenching Tool, infantry men’s best friend, a shovel with a foldable spade

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