Too Much Football Too Little Time

The South Africa World Cup; the Champions; the Europa League (formerly UEFA Cup); and of course the national leagues all conspire to pack close together a lot of interesting Football matches (Soccer for Americans).

For example, today and tomorrow there are Spanish league matches; Thursday there was Europa League; Wednesday and Tuesday Champions League; last weekend Spanish matches closely preceded by another Spanish date Tuesday and Wednesday and yet another one the weekend before the last… that’s 13 match days in two weeks.

So what does this mean? that between work, family and football I’ve got almost no time for anything else, including painting miniatures. And the situation is not likely to get better in the near future!

In any case I’m just trying to build an Imperial Roman Army for Basic Impetus so I’m currently painting 4 roman archers and I will need 4 more (Impetus uses at least two DBA bases for each unit), I’m also trying to produce some fences (a first prototype looks good, so I expect to do at least 3 more) and I would like to make some woods terrain pieces.

Let’s see if I got some time this weekend…

No Google Analytics

Today I found out that WordPress doesn’t support Google Analytics… this is serious blow to the convenience of WordPress as my blogging environment

In any case I will give a try to the build in statistics, perhaps they could work for me

Added DBA page

I have added some content to the De Bellis Antiquitatis page and it wasn’t that bad after all, maybe WordPress is the place to stay… only time will tell

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Disappointed, but not that much

At first I thought pages would allow me to add some structure into my posts, beyond the traditional tags and categories, so for example I could keep my Ancient, Napoleonic and WWII related post separated, but that’s not the way it works… a little bit disappointing

On the other hand pages do allow to add static and structured content to the blog which is good enough… some times blogs look just like an endless stream of raw data and I hope pages could help put some, and only some, order into the chaos

New to WordPress

I’ve been using blogger, the google blogging community, for a few months now but I feel it is too difficult to produce the look I would like for my blogs and posts. After some short research  I’ve decided to try WordPress… I really hope it delivers more control and features than blogger or I will be on the move sooner than later!